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Yesterday, we have not been able to obtain valuable data with the fluorescence spectrometry. Thus, today's objective is to redo the measurements to find out how we could get good results.

The solutions we used yesterday were pink/purple. We know that the dye we are using is pH sensitive, so we tried to add some Tris buffer to the solutions and we noticed that the solutions turned blue after having added several drops of buffer. We are going to perform UV and fluorescence spectroscopy on these modified solutions.


  1. Add drops of Tris buffer until the solutions turn blue
  2. Centrifugation (5 minutes, 13200rpm) of the solutions which contain fibers/agregates
  3. Take UV spectrum
  4. Take fluorescence spectrum: excitation = 600nm; emission = 620 to 800nm


  • UV spectroscopy results.

Image:22feb - UV curve.jpg

Image:22feb - UV curve zoom.jpg

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy results.

Image:22fev - Fluorescence curve.jpg

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