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Gan Hm (living the dream)
Gan Hm (living the dream)
  • Gan Hm
  • University Of Technology Malaysia
  • Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering
  • Level 3 , Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM
  • Skudai , Johor, 81310, Malaysia.
  • []

I zm currently working in Dr Adibah's Lab (Research lab 2). I learned about Openwetware from google for protocol, and I've joined because i would like to learn and share fancy things that's not commonly found in standard protocol but can make work in lab easier and more enjoyable.

I like to work with bacteria in general because

1. i can see them 2. they grow fast 3. when they grow i m happy 4. and it's amazing how much metabolic diversity these guys possess. 5. without bacteria, we aren't going anywhere


2008-Present, PhD, University of Technology Malaysia

2005-2008 , BS, Rochester Institute of Technology

Research interests

Degradation of xenobiotic compound particularly aromatic amine generated from decolorization of azo dye

Regulation of quorum sensing in bacteria

and molecular cloning (bacteria) in general.


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