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29 May 2013

  • Seeded GFP/L4440 plates
     -conc. from 10mL LB to 1.5mL
     -blinded for adam: L4440=squiggles, GFP=wiggles
  • Performed restreak of GFP/L4440 plate using left over clone inoculate from plate seeding
  • was unable to perform egglay today due to inadequet numbers of healthy adult worms. Moved my stocks to the 25 degree incubator to accelerate their growth
  • Made M9 solution:
     Per 1 L of M9:               Adjusted for 700mL               Notes:
     -KH2PO4        3g             2.1g                            FisherChemicals F.W.141.96, lot no. 005502 Date:8.07.00
     -Na2HPO4       6g             4.2g                            FisherChemicals F.W. 136.09, lot no. 995072 Date?
     -NaCl          5g             3.5g                            NaCl F.W. 58.44
     -H2O to 1L                   water to 700mL                   MilliQ, prepared by Skyler
     -read below                  700┬ÁL MgSO4                      1 M prepared by Lena, aliquoted 29 May 2013
     Autoclave bottle until it's cool to the touch (like what you do for NGM after you autoclave)
     add 1mL of MgSO4 sterily 

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