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  • Finish synthesizing the films produced on 09/24 and begin synthesis of new films using more modified clay


  1. Finish synthesis
    1. Films that were begun on 09/24 were finished using the standard procedure.
  2. Start new film synthesis
    1. Film synthesis can be viewed here.
    2. We used Madeleine's exchanged clay and Michael's exchanged clay
      1. Madeleine's exchange was with tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide
      2. Michael's exchanged with (1-hexadecyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide.


  1. New Modified-Clay Films
    1. 1.00488g PVA + .11091 g TBHD from Madeleine and Alicia
    2. 1.00081g PVA + .11107 g TBHD from Andrew, Michael and Tami


  • We were able to tell the completed films apart by appearance. The TP exchanged-clays appeared yellower and firmer, while the TBHD films appeared clearer and more flexible.
  • It was observed that the films from last Wednesday had granules of the exchanged clay. The clay was not thoroughly dispersed.

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