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  • Extract fibers into one test tube.


  1. Fiber Extraction
    1. Fibers were run on the vortexer to detach them from the walls of the falcon tubes.
    2. The tubes were put in the centrifuge
    3. Water was removed and the samples were combined into more tubes.
    4. After each combination, this was repeated until most fibers were into one falcon tube.


There should be approximately 36.8mg of fibers in these samples. They have not been dried yet


The GC is still not operational. It will be necessary to abandon my reaction with Styrene. I will either need to help Alicia and Khyra with their reactions or research another reaction to explore. Personally I do not think there is enough work to go around for me to assist and would not feel comfortable reporting at the end of the semester. I am going to get researching.

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