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The objective for today was to make all stock solutions necessary for the BSA:L-cysteine Nanocrystals


Name Formula FW (g/mol)
Zinc Nitrate, 6-Hydrate CrystalZn(NO3)2 * 6H2O297.47
Manganese (II) acetate tetrahydrate (good for 2 weeks)Mn(CH3COO)2 * 4H2O245.08
Ammonium AcetateNH4(CH3COO)77.08
Sodium Sulfide nonahydrate(fresh stock) Na2S * 9 H2O240.18
L-Cysteine (2 weeks)HSCH2CH(NH2)CO2H121.16
BSA (fresh stock)66kDa
Ammonium HydroxideNH4OH14.8M (6.76uL in 10 mL)

Preparation of Stocks

  1. 5mM Zinc Nitrate
  2. 5.55mM Manganese Acetate
  3. 41.65 mM Ammonium Acetate

  • 0.0066g in 10mL BSA will be made tomorrow

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