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  1. Finish analyzing PVA-malachite green data
  2. Retrieve pXRD data
  3. Start making new PVA and PVA clay films
  4. Set up experiments (like the malachite green experiments) to see how well the films absorb arsenic and mercury
    1. Notes: both of these are toxic metals, and we need to understand how to use/work with them.
      1. Information sheet on As
      2. Information sheet on Hg


  1. Finishing the analysis of the PVA-Malachite green data, our data is being compiled into a spread sheet with other groups
  2. Learning how to extract and interpret the data from the pXRD. Data will be uploaded next week after analysis.
  3. New PVA and PVA clay films were started
    1. The procedure for the film synthesis may be viewed here.
      1. The initial teflon dish containing the PVA film was contaminated with malachite green. The film was tinted blue so the synthesis was repeated.
  4. Set up for arsenic and mercury absorbance experiment
    1. Vials were labeled and weighed out with no lid
    2. Films were cut using a falcon tube and spatula
      1. Note: The PVA only film seems to soften the longer it soaks in water.
    3. Vials were weighed again with films present.
    4. Dilutions of 50ppm, 100ppm and 150ppm of Arsenic and Mercury were created.


  • Mercury stock solution
  1. 0.0908g HgCl2
    1. (0.0908g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/271.5g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/1mol Hg)*(200.59g Hg/1mol Hg) = 0.0671g Hg
    2. put in 250mL volumetric
    3. 268ppm Hg
  • New Film Synthesis
    • PVA Film
      • 1.0005g PVA
    • PVA-Clay Film
      • 1.0117g PVA + 0.1105g Clay
  • Arsenite solutions for vials from 0.0499 mol/L (3738.588 ppm As) stock. These were made by me and Eleni for the entire class.
  1. 4 mL of stock in 100 mL volumetric flask -> 150 ppm As
  2. 2.67 mL of stock in 100 mL volumetric flask -> 100 ppm As
  3. 1.337 mL of stock in 100 mL volumteric flask -> 50 ppm As
  • Mercury solutions for vials from 268 ppm Hg stock. These were prepared by me and Madeleine, to split between our groups.
  1. 27.985 mL of stock in 50 mL volumetric flask -> 150 ppm
  2. 18.657 mL of stock in 50 mL volumetric flask -> 100 ppm
  3. 9.328 mL of stock in 50 mL volumteric flask -> 50 ppm

As and Hg Absorption Experiment Set Up

' As/Hg Conc. (ppm) Vial (g) Vial+Film (g) Film (g)
PVA OnlyAs 5013.1198713.247740.12787
PVA-ClayAs 5013.0859213.276360.19044

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