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  • Attempt gel formation using dried JCS 11 and JCS 12 syntheses
  • pXRD analysis of JCS 4 and JCS 5 films


  1. Add 2 mL of DI water to round bottom flask
  2. Swirl Round bottom flask
  3. After gel-film formation has been hydrated, add 10 additional mL of water
  4. Swirl Round bottom flask
  5. Structure should collapse into folded gels


Both JCS 11 and JCS 12 formed gels similar in appearance to JCS 4 and 5. However, not one of these look exactly like the other, which creates concern regarding the reproducibility of this synthesis batch-to-batch. Further analysis via pXRD and DSC is needed on all gels.



Notes for Next Semester

  1. Run DSC and XRD on JCS 11 and 12 film samples. Check for similarities/differences between all four film samples.
  2. Inspect cold-room samples for the foil-like material developing on the sides of the glass vials

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