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  • Test JCS 14 for sol-gel formation
  • Finish synthesis begun yesterday
  • Run a trial that was not left overnight


  1. Testing JCS 14 (no Sodium Sulfide added) for sol-gel formation
    1. Mass of round-bottom plus film was 70.917 g
    2. a few mL of water were added and swirled
    3. hydrogel structures formed along the sides of the flask
    4. more water was slowly added while swirling
    5. structures collapsed and dissolved completely. Appears to be similar to the BSA only trial from last semester.
  1. Quick-synthesis (JCS 15, Reactants were added together immediately before placing the mixture on the rotovap)
    1. The original procedure was followed, utilizing the Mercury (II) Nitrate solution from 1/28/2015, a BSA solution of 0.076 g in 5 mL, 2 drops of 1M NaOH for a pH ~10, and 4 mL of a solution of 0.0471 g of sodium sulfide nonahydrate in 10 mL
    2. The weight of the round-bottom flask, when dry, is 67.7731 g.

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