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Biomaterials Design Lab - Spring 2016 Main project page
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  1. Create a calibration curve with UV-Vis
  2. Start testing uptake with a java fern using our citrate AuNPs
  3. Resynthesize citrate AuNPs with times for precision


Four serial dilutions (half dilution) were made of the purple citrate gold nanoparticles were run on UV-Vis. Results are shown in the graphs below.

New nanoparticles were synthesized, using the method established on 01/27/2016, but these nanoparticles were red indicating different sized particles. We will try future trials with both red and purple nanoparticles to see which ones work better.


Figure 1: AuNP UV-Vis Spectra for our Purple AuNPs (synthesized on 01/27/2016)

Figure 2: Calibration Curve for our Purple AuNPs (synthesized on 01/27/2016)

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