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  1. Redo experiment that failed on 02/09/2016 with different plants and different concentrations


The experiment on 02/09/2016 failed because of the solution of gold being too high, the volume being to big, and the java fern only having two small roots.

Today, 20mL of AuNP stock at a 50% dilution was used of both the gold and red AuNPs in small jars. Plants with more extensive root systems were harvested and added to the small jars, making sure that both plants had a comparable amount of roots to keep the data as consistent as possible. The solutions were left for 2 days until checked.


Our trial failed, again. This time we neglected to cover the jars so the water evaporated, both killing the plants and making it so we could not test the solutions to measure the uptake by the plant.

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