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Today's objectives include the following:

  1. Test the 30% Bentonite beads prepared from solution
  2. Present data collected thus far at the class meeting


Testing the 30% Bentonite beads
The 30% Bentonite beads were tested using the same method as that from before.

Our presentation included the following data:

  1. Swelling data from 9/23/2016
  2. Pipette accuracy data and water purity data from 9/2/2016
  3. UV Vis analysis of 10% AC and 10% bentonite beads from 9/28/2016


30% solution Bentonite beads

  • So far, 8 MG rinses
  • ~11 drops per minute

The testing for the 30% Bentonite beads from solution makes sense so far. Theoretically, these beads should exhibit the highest level of absorption out of all the tested beads. Additionally, synthesis of the beads from solution as opposed to powder had a clear effect on the absorption.

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