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Suggestions for projects to keep busy and develop skills:

  • Genome-scale metabolic model for Rhodococcus opacus PD630
  • Genotype yeast strains. Use available information on metabolite production to search for mutated genes. Perhaps using a genome-scale metabolic model?
  • Curate/improve genome-scale metabolic model for M. florum.
  • Analysis of coupled feedback loops. Go back to that Ferrel article.
  • Modelling of evolution in metabolic models. Ask for some references?
  • Draw article citation networks on some interesting topics (nested feedback loops, lactate dehydrogenase, stringent response...)
  • 16S rDNA analysis. What kind of samples?
  • Go through NGS tutorials.
  • Contribute to CobraPy?
  • Work on ROSALIND problems.
  • Work on metabolic model analysis programs. Port to Python.

More far out:

  • Sequence a mesoplasma species?

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