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Meeting with Shawn, Tiffany, Val, Katie, and Matt to talk about DNA nanostructures. We're going to split up and tackle 4 designs (all in the honeycomb paradigm):

  • small hexagonal prism, single-ply lid
  • small hexagonal prism, double-ply lid
  • large hexagonal prism, single-ply lid
  • rectangular prism, scaffold-hinged (combover) lid

We can get larger (>7308bp) scaffolds from William's lab.


  • I went shopping at Home Depot with Nick, Alain, Peng, and David. We bought:
    • 32-watt circular flourescent light bulb
    • 22-watt circular flourescent light bulb
    • Flourescent light bulb ceiling fixture
    • Sheet of plastic diffusion grating
    • Light timer
    • 10-ft of Romex 14-gauge electrical wire (3 wires internal)
    • Conventional household 3-prong plug
    • Wire cutters/strippers
    • Bag of wire twist caps
    • Electrical tape
  • We converted an incubator into a timed-light incubator for cyanobacteria
    • Currently it's set to go on at 8PM, off at 2AM, on at 8AM, off at 2PM, so we can check on its progress tomorrow.
  • We still need to acquire a light meter
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