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June 9th, 2010

1. Inactivate enzyme from double restriction with SpeI and EcoRI.

2. Run gel to verify double restriction.

Lanes: 1,5) Ladder; 2) EcoRI-SpeI restriction BP-1; 3) EcoRI-SpeI restriction BP-2; 4) EcoRI-SpeI restriction OGR.

3. Look for a reporter plasmid with YFP to transform bacteria and made the fluorescence assay. I found one YFP reporter (BBa_K117008), it uses AI-2 to induce YFP expression but I’m not sure how it works, it may need a strain mutant in LuxS, so I’ll investigate more about this promoter to check if we can use it.

4. Look for a fluorescence reporter to ligate with the blue promoter and test functionality and strength of this promoter.

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