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Gene Expression and Development in Fungi Main project page
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Trichoderma & A. thaliana interaction

Things to do

  • Check plants
  • Change from cold room A.thal. Columbus sincronized in 4°C room to long day chamber

Things done

  • Checked.
  • Changed


  • They are growin well, some are sick. One not inoculed and far from inoculated, have started to show chlorosis.
  • I changed just two dishes, I will put germinated plants in soil in two days.

Intergenic sequences in T.atroviride

Things to do

  • Check BLASTX results

Things done

  • Checked.


  • Need to run again BLASTX with Martha's help. I mistaken de ID of queries. Some preliminary results show that in just IntergenicFasta.fna are ~500 possible candidates to be CDS. Next step use Augustus.


  • Compare list of TotalCoords & WCLDirtyCoords of Intergenic to sRNA of Nohemí.
    • TotalsRNA Vs WCLDirtyCoords
    • SelectedsRNA Vs WCLTotalDirtyCoords
    • Total Vs TotalCoords
    • Selected Vs TotalCoords
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