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  • Plasmid extraction of pUX19XKR5, for PCR of Inc-RepC.
  • Transformation of terminator BBa_B0015 for plasmid standardization.
  • Restriction of today´s plasmid extraction.


  • Miguel's lab method.

Plasmid extraction

  • Miguel's lab miniprep.


Extraction 1 Extraction 2 Today´s
Buffer4 2μL 2μL 2μL
SmaI 1μL 1μL 1μL
DNA 10μL 10μL 10μL
H2O 7μL 7μL 7μL
Total 20μL 20μL 20μL

I expect 1 band in cut DNA, I will choose for PCR the right plasmid and cleanest.

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