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  • Transformation of Ligation BBa_P1003 + BBa_B0015(double ter) in pSB1AK3.
  • Plasmid extraction of pSB1C3(A3 plate 1 dist 2011) and pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015 (backbone and double ter).


  • Was performed with yesterday´s ligation in DH5α E.Coli.

I hope kanamycin resistance, by backbone and I need a intesive search for false positives and I have control for it.

Method:Miguel´s Lab method.

Plasmid extraction

  • Miguel´s Lab method (miniprep)
  • Lane 1-3 pSB1C3
  • Lane 4-6 pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015.

I will cut with XhoI pSB1C3, for pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015 I have previously cut

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