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  • Pour plates: Amp/Kan (100/50 μg/mL) and Kan (50 μg/mL) agar plates
  • Transform: Quick and dirty transformation of plasmids from Francesca

Francesca's GFP induction plasmids
> Use NEB10B competent cells (DH5α turbo has Lac repressor), 50 μL cells each...

  1. Amp: Reporter wih O2 lac operator on pSB1A2 (see paper)
  2. Amp: Reporter wih O1 lac operator on pSB1A2 (see paper)
  3. Amp: Reporter wih OSym lac operator on pSB1A2 (see paper)
  4. Kan: Negative feedback based LacI generator with O2 lac operator (the weakest) on pSB3K3 (see paper)
  5. Amp: no DNA
  6. Kan: no DNA

Ref: Ceroni et al., JBE, 2010

  • Will mini prep later and co-transform Reporters with LacI generator
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