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- protein not going to be ready to explore as much as we would like

- start to work out some of the kicks that we are seeing with nanoparticle formation

-been getting a gray matter figure our what is going on

- main focus on gray matter what problem we are seeing. what can we do. im going to try making.

- will still do some intein chemistry and things like that


Today: Another PCR, gold reaction (note how you prepared samples protein and water) and (1mL protein 8ml water 1ml 3molare hcl) next week expression.

  • we add acid how regular protein aggregates form and can determine whether gold affecting or acidity.
  • Some one make a gold stock and some one make a bsa stock


1st time out of oven -nothing happened to either 2nd -after second time in oven for 50 minutes black clumps appeared in test tube 1 and 3 had black - 2 and 4 didnt have anything 3rd time out oven -test tube 1 and 3 contained material. seeped to botoom -2 and 4 had nothing

Test tube solution composition

  • 1mL(2.9mM gold) and 1mL (15microMolar BSA old) and 8mL of H20
  • 1mL(2.9mM gold) and 1mL (15microMolar BSA old) and 1mL of HCl 3M + 7mL of H20
  • 1mL(2.9mM gold) and 1mL (15.5microMolar BSA new) and 8mL of H20
  • 1mL(2.9mM gold) and 1mL (15.5microMolar BSA new) and 1mL of HCl 3M + 7mL of H20


  • Add data and results here...


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