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Postdoc period

  • 2012 Molecular Ecology group Laboratory of Microbiology, Wageningen University. Large-scale modeling of microbial ecosystems in human body.

Postgraduate years

  • 2009 B.Sc. practical philosophy, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Helsinki. Struggling to understand the structure and organization of values, morality, freedom and society.
  • 2005 Researcher in Dpt. Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland. Data analysis for functional genomics.

Graduate studies and beyond

  • 2002 (summer) Meteorological institute. Zagreb, Croatia. Started by measuring weather parameters at a weather station on Bilogora hills, close to the Hungarian border, drinking wine and shooting clouds to prevent hail. Later I moved to Zagred to manipulate compex-valued matrices for weather forecasting purposes.
  • 2001 (summer) CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Interesting to follow up if they will really find the Higg's boson with the Large Hadron Collider. I was simulating a potential decay channel of Higg's boson to two tau leptons and possible implications of symmetry violation in weak interaction to particle detection
  • 2001 Founding Amnesty International student group in Helsinki University of Technology (chair 2001-2004)
  • 2000 (fall) Voluntary work for an Indian NGO Dakshinayan in a rural village of Barai, Bihar in northern India. Maintaining village school and teaching English. I obtained the job through ETVO (KePa).
  • 1999-2002 Freelance journalist
  • 1995-1998 Luostarivuori high school, Turku, Finland
  • 1979 First explorations begin

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