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To Do

  • We are running low on tips and tubes, so I need to autoclave some today and tomorrow before I leave


  • Doing the rest of the yellow tips in the red boxes
    • about 8 in total
  • Also showing Brian how to use the Autoclave

Things that I dont want to fall into obscurity

  • Koch mentioned that I should make sure any work I have done does not get forgotten
  • I'm pretty sure I have documented all the work I've done
  • Here's a list of things that are useful to the lab that I may not want to die:
    1. Inventory Stuff
    2. Profiling laser beams? (it is a bit of an archaic method, but it works on a budget)
  • The laser stuff is all on the private wiki, might be a good idea to have it transferred to the public
  • My Comic (on the private wiki). Anyone is allowed to put new comics in, they dont even have to follow the "stick figure" approach is use.
    • I have a few ideas that I may need to draw in retroactively, i've just been too busy/lazy to do them lately



  • Andy, Brigette and I resuspended some Rhodamine Tubulin today (made 4 aliquots) 1ul in ea aliquot (5mg/ml)
  • We then took 1 aliquot of RT and then added it to an aliquot of unlabeled tubulin
    • We have 6, 1ul aliquots that are 15% RT
  • I went ahead and polymerized one of the mixed aliquots and we created motility soln
  • Andy tried a motility assay, but it failed
    • Brigette and I forgot to add Dextrose to the motility soln and the MT's became "kinked"
  • Retrying with dextrose now added
  • Note: The 15% RT is enough to see, which is good
  • Success! We got to see motility and the MT's are really long and easy to see
  • They are moving quite fast and the AF is working great
  • No camera (in tweezers lab) so no photo/video footage. Hopefully it works again tomorrow and Andy can bring over the cam
  • Andy Maloney 23:22, 27 August 2009 (EDT): I'm glad to hear it worked. Did you guys change out the ATP to get it to work or did you use the same stuff?
  • Steve Koch 23:48, 27 August 2009 (EDT): Awesome! Glad to hear about motility. I think we'll have a camera soon?
  • Linh N Le 02:30, 28 August 2009 (EDT) We added the dextrose and that fixed all the problems (brigette did most of the work, her notebook will state if she did anything else differently)
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