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August 28, 2013


Execute procedures from from Dr Harting's AU Biomaterials Design Lab Notebook


BSA-AuNP Procedure

Final [HAuCl4]: 90x [BSA]→15.6μM×90=1404μM=1.404mM=final [HAuCl4]

(2.54mM HAuCl4 initial)(1mL solution)=(1.404mM HAuCl4 final)(V)
V=1.809mL BSA

Combine 1mL HAuCl4 with 1.810mL BSA.

Rest of procedure followed as written.

Citrate-AuNP Procedure

Sodium citrate=1.01%

Rest of procedure followed as written.

Final volume AuNPs: 25.6mL

Absorbance measurements taken of 10x diluted solution AuNPs rather than original sample concentration.


Absorbance spectra for AuNPs synthesized by citrate reduction.

  • Relevant wavelengths and absorption:
    • λspr=518.5nm
    • Aspr=0.143
    • A450=0.091
    • Aspr/A450=0.143/0.091=1.57
  • According to the Supporting Information from 'Determination of Size and Concentration of Gold Nanoparticles from UV/vis Spectra':
    • AuNP diameter=12nm
    • ε450 for 12nm AuNPs=1.09E+08
  • Using Beer's Law to calculate concentration:
    • C=8.349E-10M or 0.8349nM
  • Accounting for the 10x dilution factor used in taking absorbance measurements:
    • C=8.349nM

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