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October 2, 2013


  1. Chemiluminescence of luminol oxidation reaction initiated by stopped flow mixer
  2. [REDO] Kinetics of luminol oxidized by changes in absorption spectrum in stopped flow mixer



  • Tube 1 (10mL): 0.5mM luminol, 5nM HRP
  • Tube 2 (10mL): 5mM H2O2 (from stock 12.8mM)

Redo Kinetics

  • Determine appropriate concentrations of reagents (HRP needs to be 10000x less concentrated than luminol, to slow reaction rate)
  • Double concentrations to increase absorbance, to monitor bigger changes


Kinetics: HAT Group's Data from 10/01/2013


  • Concentrations used yesterday were too low. Dr Hartings & HAT group used higher concentrations which yielded the oxidized luminol kinetics absorption spectra shown above.
  • HRP must be contaiminated: no groups seeing any signal from a variety of concentrations. Dr Hartings will make new HRP solution.

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