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July 22, 2013

Procedure: Silica-coating AuNPs by MHA, Day One Round 2

  • Originally detailed on 05/24/2013
  • Day One:
    • Attach MHA to AuNPs: add 5mL of 10mM MHA to 5mL of AuNPs, stir overnight
      • To prepare 10mM MHA solution:
      • (5 mL)×(L/1000mL)×(10mmoles/L)×(1mol/1000mmoles)×(288.49g/mol)=0.0144g MHA in 5mL 2-propanol
      • To prepare 5mL of 9.4nM AuNPs:
      • (23.5nM)V=(9.4nM)(5mL)
      • V=2mL 23.5nM 9.65nm AuNPs in 3mL PBS buffer
      • Combine MHA and AuNP solutions
    • Note: two samples made, one made in isopropanol and the other in PBS

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