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October 2, 2013


  • Absorbance measurements and Beer's law calculations for samples from 10/25/2013
  • Sample preparation based on calculated concentrations


Absorbance Measurements from 10/25/2013

Beer's Law calculations:

Absorbance Measurements, Today

I decided to run two more samples at higher concentrations on the UV-vis and calculate the concentrations from these because I needed higher concentrations in order to make my samples at the concentrations I've been using.
Beer's Law calculations:

Samples Prepared

"20uM" and "50uM" ZnPPIX dilutions made today, fresh aliquots of all three DNA strands, and 23.5nM AuNps were used to prepare these samples

  • 2.47uM ZnPPIX
  • 2.47uM ZnPPIX/1.11uM DNA-SH
  • 2.47uM ZnPPIX/1.11uM DNA (4)
  • 2.47uM ZnPPIX/1.11uM DNA (8)
  • 1.934uM ZnPPIX/0.94uM DNA-SH/11.75nM AuNPs
  • 1.934uM ZnPPIX/0.74uM DNA (4)/11.75nM AuNPs
  • 1.934uM ZnPPIX/0.74uM DNA (8)/11.75nM AuNPs
  • 2.47uM ZnPPIX/11.75nM AuNPs


  • Run today's samples for absorbance and fluorescence
  • Ask Dr Hartings for more ZnPPIX

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