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October 9, 2013


  • Synthesize new ZnPPIX with Dr Hartings
  • Procedure adapted from "On the preparation of metalloporphyrins"
    • 0.5g tetraphenylporphyrin refluxed in 50mL DMF
    • 0.403g (stiochiometric amount) zinc acetate added, solution refluxed until reaction complete
      • completion determination by unchanged peaks in UV-vis measurements
    • 50mL distilled water added, solution chilled and then filtered
      • the filtrate was filtered over again and added to main filtered sample


Absorbance Measurements

  • Used to determine reaction completion (based on the change in the peaks)

Image:2012 1009 ZnPPPIX abs.PNG No visible change in peaks between 'ZnPPIX#2 100x' (dark blue line- the second sample of refluxing ZnPPIX taken) and 'ZnPPIX after' (light blue line- the final sample taken when reflux was stopped), used to determine that the reaction was complete.
Peaks consistent with the literature: largest peak at ~500nm, next largest at ~600nm, smallest peak at ~550nm.


Next time:

  • Dissolve filtered ZnPPIX in DMF

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