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October 23, 2013

Happy Mole Day!


  • Dissolve filtered ZnPPIX from 10/16/2013 in DMF
  • Prepare several dilutions
  • Run absorbance measurements
  • Use Beer's law to determine concentration


  • 0.0026g ZnPPIX dissolved in 7mL DMF
  • MW ZnPPIX: 626.032g/mol
  • (0.0026g)×(1/626.032g/mol)×(1/0.007L)≈0.5933mM
    • assuming entire sample came off weigh boat
  • Beer's Law calculations for absorbance measurements determined the concentration to be ≈0.08mM
    • Image:2013_1023_ZnPPIX_beers_law_calcs.PNG

Absorbance Spectra and Literature Comparison:

from "Metal and redox selectivity of protoporphyrin binding to the heme chaperone CcmE"

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