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Gel electrophoresis was run on Tube 1 (original) and Tube 2+3 (forward/reverse). Forward/reverse was successful, original was now.


Lane 1- Marker

Lane 2- Original

Lane 3- Forward/reverse

Marker- 30 μL marker + 6 μL dye --> 6 μL added

Original 5 μL DNA + 1μL dye --> 6 μL added

Forward/reverse- 5μL DNA + 1μL dye --> 6 μL added

  1. Gel was run for 45 minutes at 80 V with TAE buffer
  2. Gel was removed from buffer and placed in ethidium bromide solution for 30 minutes while rocking
  3. Gel was placed in rinse buffer for 15 minutes while rocking
  4. Gel was viewed under UV light

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