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Sorry, no more imagination :(

  • Today, I transformed the Click Beetle luciferases ligations with plasmid containing J23101 and I left them incubating ON at 37°C.

  • I will also perform an assay tomorrow to activate the luciferase + pT7. I selected strains 1.2, 1.4, 2.7, and 2.9, so I inoculated them in 4mL of a restrictive medium composed of 100ml of LB, 50μL of kanamycin 30 and 50μL of chloramphenicol 30.

  • The idea is to dilute the pre-culture (the one mentioned above) to an O.D. of 0.1, leave it growing up to an O.D. of 0.4 and adjust it with 1mM of IPTG. The following couple of hours a series of measurements will be taken to check if there is any luminescence.

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