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Cassidy and Sarah got strange results for their fluorescence measurements yesterday (myoglobin, AuNPs, pH4). So I'm going to re run their samples.


  1. Add experimental record here. Include what, how, and why...


Stock solution for class

  1. AgNO3
    1. 28.13 mg AgNO3
    2. to 10.0 mL in water
    3. 169.87 g/mol
    4. 16.6 mM

Myoglobin Sample Prep

  1. 250 μM AuCl3, 12.5 μM myoglobin, pH 4
    1. 176 μL 4.27 mM AuCl3
    2. 234 μL 160 μM myoglobin
    3. 300 μL 1mM HCl
    4. 2290 μL water

UV-Vis of sample before and after measurement

Image:20160928 mrh MyoglobinAuNPUVVis.png

Fluorescence data

  1. Acquisition information
    1. Excitation: 290 nm, 10 nm slit width
    2. Emission: 310-540 nm, 10 nm slit width
    3. 100 nm/minute
    4. 61 measurements, 180 second delay between measurements

Image:20160928 mrh MbAuNP IntegratedI.png

Image:20160928 mrh MbAuNP EmissionMax.png

Image:20160928 mrh MbAuNP selectedscans1.png

Image:20160928 mrh MbAuNP selectedscans2.png

Image:20160928 mrh MbAuNP selectedscans3.png


Anneliese Faustino

Hannah Harvey

Sara Mattson

Patrick Hampson

Sarah Burkhard

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