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DNA nanostructure reaction PCR

  • order of lanes: 1) 1kb ladder, 2) full rxn (oligos + scaffold), 3) just scaffold, 4) just oligos
  • run on 2% agarose gel
  • appears that reaction was successful: gel image (leftmost four lanes) shows expected results
    • assembled nanostructure runs slightly faster than scaffold, oligos appear as a smear of short DNAs

Transformation of standard components

  • results of plated bacteria: all three plates showed colony growth, negative control did not
  • colony selection and amplification
  1. Seven culture tubes were filled with 5 mL LB medium and 50 μl of 5 mg/mL ampicillin
  2. Colonies were selected from the three plates (three from R0010, two from E7104, two from E0241) and were transferred into respective culture tubes with a sterilized pick
  3. Culture tubes were incubated, with shaking, at 37°C for 18 h.
  4. Plates were stored at 4°C.
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