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  • Nanofibers formed but were not the color that they were suppose to be
  • The concentration of gold and myoglobin were increased and new solutions were made
  • Taller scaffolds were printed, so the entire solution had scaffold present

Results From Last Time

  • 100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofibers alone
  • 100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofibers on PLA scaffolds

  • 100:1 Gold:Myoglobin Nanofbiers on PLA sacffold- under microscope


  • For the new Au:Myoglobin solutions, we used:


  • Au stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/393.833g) x 0.010L = 2.793mM
  • Myoglobin stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/17699g) x 0.010L = 0.0621mM
  • Volumes of Au, Myoglobin, and water for each test tube:
    • Final [Au]=0.5mM, 5mL total volume
  • For the new solutions, one will have a tall scaffold, another with four scaffold that equal the tall scaffold, and the third one will have a short one
  • The other nine solutions will be used for later testing
  • The 12 were put in the oven for 4hrs at 80°C

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