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Entry title

  • Casted vs Non Casted graph
  • -For the casted, the sample was a little rough, so the sample ran under a little different conditions.
  • -Did not have the thickness from 1-24-14 so could not correct

Image:PLA Megan Channell 2 6 14.jpg

Corrected Data

  • The thickness of the film was 0.22 mm
  • Image:Megan channell PLA-2 6 2014.png
    • Since my film was not level with the top of the sample holder, an equation y=0.7537x+0.2278 was used. This was for a 2.0mm holder.

Casted and Dispersion

  • The film made from 2-5-14 was casted into the sample holder. Also the MOF-5 was dispersed into solution and sonicated than the PLA was added afterwards and sonicated
  • Image:MEGAN CHANNELL 2 5 14.png


  • Image:CHANNELL MOF5 2 6 2014.png
  • This was the DSC for the samples made on 1-16-2014
  • The 0.1% and 0.5% will be added
  • The slope of the line is due to not checking the pan mass box
  • The area of the peaks
    • 0%- 14.62 J/g
    • 0.1%- 20.21 J/g
    • 0.5%- 21.33 J/g
    • 1%- 22.12 J/g
    • 5%- 21.30 J/g
    • 10% 20.42 J/g
  • As I go from 0% to 1% I am increasing the crystallinity as seen from the two dips.

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