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  • Calculate the amount of silver-loaded clay necessary to achieve theoretical leaching of 2.5 μmol Ag+ in 50 mL of solution.
  • Make 3 g film of PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT.


  MW Ag+: 107.87 g/mol
  MW AgNO3: 169.87 g/mol
  Given that 3.662 μmol Ag+ was exchanged into 1.49711 g LMT, (3.662 μmol Ag+)/(1.49711 g LMT) = (2.5 μmol Ag+)/(x g LMT)
  x = 1.02206 g LMT

  • Therefore, 2.5 μmol Ag+ is present in 1.02206 g of 100AgLMT. The corresponding control film must be 3 g PLA2002D with 1.02206 g LMT.

Film of PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT

  • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.03753 g
  • Actual mass LMT: 1.02205 g

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