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  • went by lab to learn how to run zero maze. Joel and Nar were there. Fairly simple. Put mice on maze in the light area, then record how long animal stays in the dark area. Total recording time covers 5 min.
  • we recorded time with a handheld stopwatch.
  • comments: Area defined as "dark" and "light" was not delineated well in my opinion. Lighting cast light and gray areas in enclosed area.

-question: Is it the dark or the enclosed area or a combination that makes the animal "feel safe"? -question: Is there a way to make enclosure darker by enclosing top and sides since we are hand-recording? -question: Does behavior pattern matter? Such as, how often animal switches from dark to light to dark vs. staying constant in dark then constant in light; or whether an animal explores or grooms or sits still breathing hard?

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