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lanes 1-6 (Phusion, 12-8 program):

  • cco12.9B outers+cco5F, outers+cco3R, outers+water
    • this particular cell is WT, but does not show the band seen here?
  • cco12.9C outers+cco5F, outers+cco3R, outers+water
    • Confused... why are there 2 bands? Unless it's actually a KO???
  • 1kb, 100 bp ladders
  • Platinum (annealing temp of 61) cco12.9D outers+cco5F, outers+cco3R, outers+water

Platinum protocols seems not to work...


  • Duo on Gm looked very messy (lots of tiny colonies in first part of streak, along with slightly bigger ones, can't tell if is mix of MR-1 and E. coli) > restreaked and let grow
  • all the sucrose plates were lawns, additionally, concentrated ferric citrate seems to be a bad thing (middle of plate, where ferric citrate was added was clear for both B colonies)

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