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Today's Agenda

  • Measure MG new data through UV-Vis
  • Film Processing
  • Filter stirring clay in centrifuge
    • 4000rpm for 30 minutes at 4°C for original separation
    • rinse with water then ethanol for 10 minutes
    • repeat for another cycle and drying done by Dr. Hartings

Tami centrifuged the organic cation-exchanged clay solution that we started synthesizing on September 10th


  • Set up PXRD of PVA+Clay films at different concentrations.
    • Tray 1 -Clay powder-control
    • Tray 2 -8ppm prepared by Madeleine's group
    • Tray 3 -2ppm prepared by Jake's group
    • Tray 4 -PVA film-control
    • Tray 5 -80ppm prepared by Eleni's group
    • Tray 6 -200ppm prepared by our group
      • Instrument Settings
        • 2o start angle
        • 40o stop angle
        • 1o/second scan speed (this seems too fast, will check on this)
        • 0.5o sampling width


  • Dilutions of MG solutions
    • 200ppm*0.2mL=8ppm*5mL(vial with PVA film)
    • 80ppm*0.5mL=8ppm*5mL(vial with no film)
    • 80ppm*0.2mL=8ppm*2mL(vial with PVA film)


Figure 1. Shows the separation of the clay after the first washing of water. Image:washing1.png

Figure 2. Shows the dried clay being collected for future testing. Image:dry.png


UV-Vis was performed on the solutions of MG started on September 12 and the results can be found in the graph and chart below.


Image:ICE table PVA+control.png

The concentration of MG in the film was calculated in the following way:

(Initial ppm)(.010L) = (Initial mass of MG in 10 mL of solution, mg)

[(Solution Absorbance post-experiment)/(molar abosorptivity of Malachite Green according to calibration curve from September 3rd = 0.1193/ppm)]x(Volume = 0.01L) = (Final mass of MG in solution, mg)

[(Initial mass of MG in Solution)-(Final mass of MG in solution, mg)]/(initial mass of film) = (Concentration of MG in film, mgMG/gFilm)


Exfoliated Clay Film During the second phase of film synthesis today,a beaker of heating Sodium Sulfate was spilled in the hood and shorted the electricity. As a result, the following differences in protocol occurred today:

  • The sodium sulfate solution was kept at room temperature with no stirring
  • When transferred to HCl solution, the temperature fluctuated between 75°C and 90°C with stirring
  • Sodium bicarbonate solution was not stirred
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