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Run Ocean Optics Kinetics test on degradation of AuNP Fibers by 100 nM proteinase K.


5 1 mL AuNP fiber samples were centrifuged (and supernatant fluid removed), and combined into one 1 mL sample in Tris/NaCl buffer solution. A small volume of proteinase K was added such that the the volume of proteinase K in the cuvette was 100 nM. The degradation of the AuNP fibers was then monitored using the Ocean Optics UV-Vis. Spectra were taken every 2 minutes, with one spectrum taken before the addition of the proteinase K.

Set up protocols for the Ocean Optics UV-Vis can be found here.


Figure 1: The figure above shows the spectra for the first 60 minutes of the degradation of AuNP fibers by proteinase K.

Figure 2: The figure above shows the peak absorbance values from the spectra in Figure 1 plotted against time.

Figure 3': The figure above shows the slope of the first six minutes of the kinetics shown in Figure 2. From this graph, it is possible to determine Vinitial for the degradation of AuNP Fibers by 100 nm Proteinase K.

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