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Adopting the protocol for the synthesis of [CeK(H2O)12][Ce(H2O)6]2[(H2O)4CeBW11O39H]2·20H2O, a synthesis was performed using PrCl3·6H2O rather than Ce(NO3)3.


  • Dissolved 0.711g (~2 mmol) PrCl3·6H2Oin 20 mL of DI water.
  • Dissolved 1.602g (~0.5 mmol) K8[BW11O39H]·13H2O in 40 mL of DI water.
  • Added the second solution to the first solution and adjusted the pH to 3.5 using 1M NaOH under stirring.
  • Refluxed solution for 2 hours at 80°C.
  • The resulting solution was saved for filtration on Thursday

Completion of Filtration of Product from 10/23

  • The Filtration begun on 10/23 was completed and the product was moved to a scintillation vial. (The mass of the yellow product obtained was 2.3905)
  • The dark yellow filtrate was left covered in the fume hood at ambient temperatures.


The Praseodymium solution was much clearer than the Cerium solution and there was clearly precipitate.

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