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Ionic Strength Effect on AuNP Solution Main project page
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To repeat the experiment testing the effect of ionic strength on AuNP ratio 70 solution.


  1. Add 0.1 mL of tris buffer of varying dilutions (below) to .9 mL of AuNP.
    • 0.05 mM
    • 0.5 mM
    • 5.0 mM
    • 50 mM
    • 100 mM
    • 200 mM
    • 500 mM
    • 1 M


The following is a graph of the effects of ionic strength (tris buffer concentration) on the AuNP purple solution (ratio 70). This experiment was repeated for the full range of concentrations to be tested at the same time and verify previous results. Also, blanks of each concentration were used rather than a stock solution of tris.


This experiment had similar results as the previous time.

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