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November 12, 2014

Primary Experiment #3 - Cont'd Work-up

10 µL samples of each of the dialyzed protein-containing samples were diluted with 990 µL of water in order to obtain absorbance spectra from 200-800 nm.


Primary Experiment #2 - Work-up

Because we have already obtained two sets of Bradford data for the 30:1 colloid vs. CaCl2 - 3500 MWCO system, I only collected ISE data for this dialysis in order to obtain initial potential values for the CaCl2 solutions used for the dialysis for comparison with their final concentrations in the wells.


NOTE: Because I only had about 0.5 mL of colloid left for the well across from the 45 mM CaCl2, the values for well 1 might not be entirely accurate...

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