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Nanofibers with Doubled Concentrations


  • New nanofibers were made with doubled concentrations with the same 100:1 gold:myoglobin raio.
  • Begin retention tests


  • Gather data
  • Print 7 more scaffolds and make more nanofibers according to yesterday's procedure

"Brute Force" method

  • For each nanofiber solution, there is one third of the tall scaffold
  • Place one tube worth of nanofibers on one of the thirds (repeat for other eight scaffold thirds)
  • Allow nanofibers to dry on the scaffolds overnight

Retention tests

  • Put coated scaffold in PBS buffer
  • Put coated scaffold in ethanol
  • Put coated scaffold in water at 35C for 30min
  • Put coated scaffold in water and sonicate for 30min
  • Put coated scaffold in 0.1M HCl solution
  • Put coated scaffold in water
  • Pictures will be taken of sonicated and 35C after sonication and heating are complete
  • Pictures will be taken of all solutions approximately every 2 days (Friday, Monday, and Wednesday)


  • 100:1 Au:Myoglobin nanofibers
  • 100:1 Au:Myoglobin nanofibers on 4 tall scaffold
  • 100:1 Au:Myoglobin nanofibers on 1 extra tall scaffold
  • Sonicated samples

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