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To determine the molar absorptivities of adenosine using UV-Vis spectra of varying known concentrations


The procedures to this experiment were taken from User:Matt_Hartings/Notebook/AU_Biomaterials_Design_Lab/2013/09/03.

From original stock solutions of 0.0083M adenosine and 0.0079M inosine, the following 1mL of dilutions were made:

Adenosine solution concentrations (M) Inosine solution concentrations (M)
3.00x10-5 4.80x10-5
2.50x10-5 4.00x10-5
2.00x10-5 3.20x10-5
1.50x10-5 2.40x10-5
1.00x10-5 1.60x10-5
0.50x10-5 0.80x10-5
0.25x10-5 (Random) 0.40x10-5 (Random)

Cuvettes were used to measure the UV-Vis Absorbance of the different concentrations of the diluted samples and a calibration curve was created.


The following graph represents the absorbances of inosine at the varying concentrations.

Error Calculation and analysis

The following graph is the calibration curve of the corrected values of inosineat the peak absorbance wavelength of 249nm.

The following are compilations of the class data

  • The unknown concentration that we calculated using the group data was 1.156x10-5 M.
  • The unknown concentration that we calculated using the class data was 1.317x10-5 M.

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