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Contact Info

Nicolas Borghi (an artistic interpretation)
Nicolas Borghi (an artistic interpretation)
  • Nicolas Borghi
  • Nelson lab, Department of Biology.

The James H. Clark Center, The Bio-X Program, 318 Campus Drive (Room E200-B).

Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, 418 Panama Mall (Room 223).

  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305


Research interests

Biology and Physics of cell adhesion and tissue morphogenesis.



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reviews and proceedings

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  2. Borghi N, Karatekin E, Derényi I and Brochard-Wyart F. Giant Vesicles: Transient Pores and Tube Extraction, in The Physics of Complex Systems, Proceedings of the International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”, Course CLV, F. Mallalace and H. E. Stanley (Eds.), IOS Press, Amsterdam 2004. IOS


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