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HCC-38 plating control

  • cells in Corning died
  • cells in Falcon are fine

--> Corning plates are for suspension cells. Wrong plates were stocked

--> all incubators are reasonably good (Mirra's seems best)

Solution: Replace plates and order new incubator stack. Mirra will continue to only use BD Falcon.

CAMA-1 CNI-96well

  • serum starve at 1pm

CAMA-1 SS-15cm

  • serum starve at 1pm

HCC-1419 density

  • scanned

HCC-1569/HCC-1954 density

  • scanned

HCC-1187 CNI-96well

  • scanned again because bottom of plate not cleaned

HCC-1954 CNI-96well

  • scanned

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