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  • Determine what factors inhibited the Fluorescence of the dye in 2/21/2012 experiments.
  • Perform both Fluorescence and UV-Vis studies again after addressing possible issues from 2/21 experiments.


1. Add drops of Tris Buffer to solutions while slowly stirring until they turn blue

2. Centrifugation (5 minutes at 13200rpm) of the solutions which contain protein fibers / dye out of solution

3. Take UV spectrum (200 - 800 nm)

4. Take fluorescence spectrum: Excitation = 600nm; Emission = 620 to 800nm


  • UV-Vis Data



  • Fluorescence Data



  • The solutions were originally pink and dark purple colored. The properties of the dye are pH sensitive therefore the group decided changing the pH of the solution was a factor that could be changed to allow for fluorescence. Tris buffer was added to increase the pH of the solutions to the point at which they would turn blue which is a visible color outside of the 600 nm exitation / absorption point of the dye.
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