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Dialysis of Lysozyme Stock

Dialysis of Lysozyme 0.5 g/L was run in a 5-well dialysis plate with 3500 MW dialysis tubing. It was dialyzed against 50 mM CaCl2, 500 ┬ÁM CaCl2, 0.25 mM HCl, and HPLC H2O. The fifth well was not run because there was unknown particulate matter in the well.

There was concern that the screws were left out for too long. We will see if this affects the results tomorrow.


A 0.5 M Acetic Acid/0.3 M NaSO4 was prepared for the machine. A 1 g/L solution of lysozyme was made up in this buffer as well. It was diluted to 0.5 g/L and 0.1 g/L for GPC analysis.

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