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Analysis of Dialysis

There were four tasks completed:

  1. Fluorescence/UV-VIS
  2. Ca2+ ISE
  3. pH
  4. Make new colloid solution

Fluorescence and UV-VIS

Fluorescence was run on both the 3500 MW and 20k MW dialyses.

3500 MW Dialysis

20k MW Dialysis

Solution Absorbance Concentration of Protein (µg/mL)
5uM Lysozyme0.02-3.733009709
5uM Lysozyme Soak0.022-3.63592233
50 mM Colloid0.012-4.121359223
50 mM Colloid Soak0.01-4.218446602
50 mM Lysozyme0.035-3.004854369
50 mM Lysozyme Soak0.025-3.490291262
50 uM Colloid0.013-4.072815534
50 uM Colloid Soak0.023-3.587378641
50 uM Lysozyme0.018-3.830097087
50 uM Lysozyme Soak0.028-3.344660194

Ca2+ ISE

Ca2+ ISE was run on the 2 solutions from the 3500 MW dialysis. Here are the results:

Concentration mV
500 µM CaCl234.3 mV
L-500 µM CaCl231.1 mV
50 mM CaCl277.5 mV
L-50 mM CaCl277.0 mV


pH was taken on the 3500 MW dialysis solutions containing H+:

  1. HCl-Lysozyme - 7.926
  2. HCl Soak - 8.138

Colloid synthesis

New 30:1 colloid was synthesized by Monika. She'll have the results.


Monika ran a KI precipitation titration to determine concentration of I-. She has the results here.

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