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Molar Absorptivity of DAP in DMSO

I am going to run the same procedure to determine the molar absorptivity of DAP in DMSO. I'll test the concentrations and see where to go from there in terms of how concentrated I should mix the solutions. Dhea already ran this in DMSO, but I'm going to try to get more consistent results. Also, the DMSO/DAP solution was not miscible in the Hexane, so a uniform solution wasn't made, rendering molar absorptivity impossible.


The third trial gave decent results, compared to the first two trials. The R2 value was closer to 1, in the 0.9 range. Tomorrow, I'll run Isopropanol and see what happens. So far, DMSO has been the only problem solvent. Acetone gave consistent results for me, so I'm wondering if it was how I cleaned the cuvette or something trivial of the sort that could have affected results.




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